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Welcome to Sportz! 


We have many apps you can watch the paid service on. Please join our Telegram chat support to get a full list of them. Here’s how to get to chat:


Watch this Telegram tutorial:




You need the Telegram app for our chat support, you can get it here. You need to download the Telegram app before clicking on the link below. Please be specific and respectful when using our chat, it’s volunteer users helping other users.



This is your invite link:


Service update Announcements only link is


Our most popular app is this tutorial for android but if you need another app for a different device please get it from our support chat—


Paid service tutorials to help you get started (we have different apps in the bot in main Telegram support chat—-use the bot in the main chat by typing / and enter.


Watch this tutorial for Firestick installation


Or this for Nvidia Shield installation:




Our FILELINKED STORE CODE: 55715323    PIN 9182



Our URL for certain apps is



Here’s another video


Recommended settings for this app (Sportz Multi)


Multi app settings


1.General settings (uncheck Autostart on bootup and uncheck show full EPG)


2.Time Format (12 hour Format)


3.Player settings (Native  also check Enable OpenSL ES and Enable OPenGL)


4.Stream Format (MPEGTS)


5.EPG Timeline ( Show Channels only with EPG)


6.Player Selection ( VLC Player for Movies and Series, Built in player for everything else)


7. On Firestick you may want to set decoder to HW and turn off surround sound!




If you are using the IPTV smarters app you will need this URL


Remember we have other apps in the support chat. Please join us there. 






Please read the following for ALL support and billing issues.

 We want to get you up and running as quickly as possible.  Be advised it takes 30-60 minutes for the system to generate your new NUMERICAL username and password on a new sub. (Not the login you make for the site.)  CHECK YOUR your spam/junk for your codes, too!  Note: SportzPrime has numbers and letters in your credentials.



If you subbed to SportzPrime you’ll receive install instructions in a separate email, but you will use the same support chat as Sportz. 




I didn’t get my login credentials—


CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER!!! There is a known issue if you have an iCloud email or, or account, they block our messages. Other email clients may also block us. Our automated site has a bot that creates your NUMERICAL login and password upon successful Paypal payment completion. It’s not the same as the UN and PW you used to sign up.  After checking spam and it has been an hour do this:




(Please note this method may not work using a mobile phone, so please try a tablet or laptop browser )


Login into


Go to your account, and then MY ORDERS

Press LINES 

And select the line link to see your credentials

If this method does not work for you, go to the support chat for assistance. 

Remember volunteer admins and the boss are not on 24/7 so please be patient.


If you don’t have a login or password, your payment may have not have been successful. 

When it processes it, the bot will create your account within an hour.  Sometimes this happens because your credit credit card processor is slow or because they do a fraud check.  


This can also happen if you didn’t input your correct email address. You won’t get your credentials if you don’t supply your correct email address. You can update your email address by logging into your account. 


NOTE: If using a VPN to login, turn it off and then turn it back on after you’ve logged into your account.  


FOR SPORTZPRIME credentials: 


If you purchased SportzPrime you may have to use this link to detect whether your password has upper case or lower case letters 

Just copy and paste the password into the link below 

and it will help you figure out what letter it is. We know L and I can look the same in upper and lower case.


I need my website password reset to renew Sportz


Go to the Telegram  chat support and ask an admin there.

Note:  We will not change the numerical username or password for the actual service, only the password for the website to order/renew.


What’s the PIN


The pin for Filelinked is 9182. 


Check out the Sportz TV Filelinked Store


How to get Filelinked: Open your web browser and/or Downloader App on FireTV devices and type in this address:


Once you have it installed, launch it and enter the code below to access our store.


NEW updated Filelinked Code: 55715323 pin 9182


Please do not use email for support— all support is done in real time in the chat only. YOU MUST JOIN THE TELEGRAM CHAT. 


















Telegram Chat Support